Duguma Dibbisa Itana 2024-01-08
It is good to see such kinds of tools for biochemical identification of bacteria. It is imperative that you provide me with a manual on how to use these precious tools.

Admin 2024-01-08
Response for Duguma Dibbisa Itana: Using the ABIS software is relatively easy. For basic identification see video from the main menu. For others such as serological typing or antibiogram, let me know what concerns you have.

Brett Markham 2022-01-14
Fantastic site with a lot of great info -- exactly what is needed along with documented sources, great pics, etc. Thank you for this! Even though this isn't my primary field, made a small donation.

Aurelia Fraser 2022-01-13
Let me just say your site is amazing! It is well put together and easy to navigate which is a plus. With such a nice layout you must attract a lot of visitors. I just wanted to give you a heads up because your site inspired me to build my own. I hope everything is going great and much success in your future. Thank and have the best of day!

Lumar Alves 2021-05-22
This site is an excellent source for Microbiologists. I would suggest to make it available for IOS systems do be downloaded as well as to accept photos from Microbiologist so it would have a better photo library.

Bruna Lopes 2020-06-22
This site is amazing! It is a powerful tool for bacteriologist around the world and an excellent source for students who are learning. The site is reliable and organized! I also enjoy the layout and the manner in that the content are presented!

Admin 2020-06-12
Response for Parash Mani Timilsina: the Bacillus database will be updated by the end of the year.

Parash Mani Timilsina 2020-06-11
Is it possible to upgrade the library by adding aeribacillus pallidus and anoxybacillus biochemical test ?

Ruheya 2019-11-02
I am a biotechnology student and this encyclopedia is tremendously helpful for my assignments!

bsarraj 2019-07-18
A great teaching and reference tool!

Tony 2018-04-04
As a research microbiologist this is a fantastic, highly useful web reference.

Rhys Bushell 2017-11-02
Multumesc frumos! I run a veterinary clinical micro lab in Australia, and this a very useful addition to the tool kit. Noroc!

Richard Chiolero 2016-11-14
I am so impressed with how well organized this database is and how easy it is to find information. Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication!

Narayan Paudyal 2016-06-02
By luck I was directed to this site form some third party sites and it is absolutely wonderful to have such useful site. I never knew that there would be such sites too and that too for free!!!! Thank you very much for the great work.

Admin 2016-01-22
Answer for Vacily: Neisseria will be added this year, after finishing Corynebacterium and Aerococcaceae updates. Expected time is late Summer or Autumn.

Vacily 2016-01-20
Thank you very much for you works. I use you service almost every day in clinical microbiology since 2012. More than that I recommended your site to my colleagues. Unfortunately I can't find Neisseriaceae. Could you be so kind as to add it.

Gustavo Snel 2015-06-16
Great initiative! I'm a fan since 2012 and I always recommend to my friends.

Gorovtsov Andrey 2015-06-16
Thank you for an excellent site, it's very useful and user-friendly. I wish more environmental bacterial taxons to be added in the future, especially from Actinobacteria phylum.

Admin 2014-04-23
Answer to Omer Shomrat: the Genus Planoccus is not planned for the immediate development as the medical significance taxons are prioritized.

Omer Shomrat 2014-04-19
Your tool is fantastic and very mysteriously, is the only tool of its kind I found on the web. However, you lack species of bacteria. Particularly, I couldn\'t find any eveidence of the existence of Planococcus in your software... :)

Narvis Torrealba 2013-07-05
The encyclopedia is a great resource online, thanks for the support provided directly and indirectly to future plant pathologists in the world.

Mohammed Ali 2013-05-30
This is excellent site. I was very impressed with this site which Tools of information and a great the value,I hope that there is a page on Facebook to communicate. Thank you a lot.

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this is an awesome site...grt idea!

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thank you very much for you and your team for your kind help in this site and all the information including in god bless you

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This is excellent site. Many prays and thanks to all those who contributed in making of all that stuff.

Cyntia Garcia 2012-03-30
I had been using videos from youtube (which I did not know for sure how reliable they were) until I found this excellent site. The videos are incredible illustrative along with the beautiful background music.

Zeljka 2011-12-02
This is in my opinion (as student) one of the best pages I've been concerning this topic. Thank you for your effort to put everything on one place and giving us chance to look for information from it.

dr Tatjana Ivkovic 2011-11-08
EXCELLENT SITE! My congratulations and thanks to authors for such deep commitment and quality data.

Z. Christian 2011-02-18
Excellent reference site. ABIS is easy and pleasant experience. Many of our unknowns are no more. The encyclopedia section is very accurate and complete. The videos are very educational and to the point.

Ken Davis 2010-11-28
Thank You for help with unknown!

mbaye guisse 2010-10-10
very very helpful indeed.

Admin 2010-08-19
You don't have to register. If you want to use "ABIS online" then just enter your name in the login page. Optionally, you can enter e-mail if you want to receive update notifications (only once is enough, do not submit e-mail every time you login)

sunita varjani 2010-08-18
how to register in this site???

Admin 2010-06-23
ABIS software is only available online. There are 2 main reasons we have canceled the offline version: 1 permanent need of bacterial databases updating & 2 copyright protection. The program is available for public use, from any computer with internet connection. You can install a quick icon launch of ABIS on your desktop from http://www.tgw1916.net/ABIS/install.html Thank you for your interest in our software. In autumn ABIS 6 will be upgraded to version 7 including Vibrionaceae family.

Bashar Lababidi 2010-06-23
I am a specialist in medical microbiology (Facharzt certificated from Germany) and I am a lecturer at Aleppo University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine (in Syria). I would like to have your ABIS software offline to use it in our department of microbiology. Thank you in advance

Admin 2010-01-13
Regnum Prokaryotae and related software (ABIS online & ATI) are free for public use. You do not have to subscribe. The only reason we are asking for e-mail address is to inform our users about changes in ABIS databases that imply bacterial identification. Thank you for your consideration.

sadegh 2010-01-13
I want subscribe in your site.thank you.best wills for you

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Very Important site for Veterinarian

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i think this project is magnificent

Admin 2009-04-30
Private answer

Daryl Lingerfelt 2009-04-30
Very impressive. Just found the site. I like your movies and all info on your site. Question? Who makes your nice stainless micro hood that is seen in the movies? Also who makes the stainless test tube holder as seen in the movies? Thank you,

Pat Williams 2009-04-16
cool site

oana parjol 2009-03-20
am terminat medicina la cj si acum ma pregatesc pt stepuri. VA multumesc pentru ajutor, site-ul este minunat pt un fost student care nu mai are acces la laboratorul de microbiologie

Dr. Kailash Agrawal 2009-01-29
A very good site with full of information and support for young learners as well as researchers. Congs.

Admin 2008-08-08
The downloadable ABIS 4 version is no longer available. We suggest you use ABIS 6 online. It is free and periodically updated.

wichiarn charoenrew 2008-08-07
Interest for your program.Can I download free?