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Kauffman-White scheme (Salmonella)
Molecular 16S rRNA (beta)
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ABIS 9 online   REGNUM PROKARYOTAE     (c) 2007-2014
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                                PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

ABIS online is a software developed as a lab tool for bacterial identification. It is
open for public use, but using it, still  requires an user name. You only have to enter
a name and hit the button. Additionally, you may  subscribe to newsletter, but only if
you want to receive notifications about updates via e-mail. We are not recording any
personal data.

Bacteria identification results are purely informative and are not intended to be an
official point of view. Due to the permanent changes in bacterial nomenclature and
classification, some bacterial names and taxa may not comply with the Approved
Lists of Bacterial Names. We periodically update databases and try to keep up with
international changes.

ABIS and related software are the exclusive property of Costin Stoica and protected
by the copyright laws. You are not allowed to copy, modify, publish or use it in any
purpose, other than bacterial identification. If you agree with this terms, then you are
welcome and may enter.